05 Apr

Easy debt consolidation loans bad credit -Request a real debt consolidation

Request a real debt consolidation

Consolidation of consolidation, in other words, a consolidation loan for consolidation of consolidation loan with additional loan products in banks. Below is the latest comparison of loans with the purpose of consolidating debt.

People who are looking for a consolidation loan to consolidate a consolidation loan, probably know what it is and what is the consolidation of loans.

For people who do not know what credit consolidation is, a brief explanation below.

What to do when the installments of loans that we repay turn out to be so high that there is a problem with their regular repayment? In this situation, one of the ways to restructure debt is a consolidation of liabilities at this url.

Debt consolidation is the repayment of all loans and bank loans with a single loan, a consolidation loan. The installment of such a loan will certainly be lower than the installments of all loans and credits that we have repaid so far. How? First of all, by extending the loan period. In addition, a consolidation loan is usually cheaper than a cash loan.

Where will the best consolidation be? There is no other option but to compare loan proposals with banks.



Is it possible to use the consolidation loan comparator to search for a loan? You can, but it’s not worth it. And for several reasons. If you can compare cash loans in this way, then the consolidation is not very good anymore.

Do we already know what is loan consolidation?. This is a new loan we borrow from the bank to pay off our bank liabilities, eg installment loans, cash loans or other consolidation loans. Mortgage loans are also subject to consolidation. If we also repay this loan, we already have a mortgage consolidation loan. His terms are quite different, on better terms than a cash consolidation loan. Can you compare both these loans? You can, but not in the comparator.

A mortgage consolidation loan secured with a mortgage on real estate allows reducing the loan installment even further, reduce the cost of such a loan (lower interest rate) and extend the repayment period.

A cash consolidation loan is an unsecured loan and can be granted for a maximum of 10 years. Banks under consolidation loans also offer additional cash, which can be used, for example, to repay loans in non-bank companies.

Debt consolidation is so serious that it is better to contact two, three banks and compare loans. Then, based on the proposals received, choose the best from them.

08 Dec

Creditors – What does the guarantee mean?

If you do not have a sufficiently strong economy yourself, you may need a creditor as collateral to obtain a loan from the bank. It is usually with larger loans such as mortgages where a collateral is involved that you use guarantee loans. If you need quick loans, you can often take these without security. In cases where you may not have a home or other items of very high value that act as collateral, you may need a creditor. We work out the terms such as the guarantor, creditors, debtors and guarantor loans below.



If you go into custody for someone, you say you are prepared to go as collateral. This can be used in lending money or renting an apartment. This is a way for someone who has a little worse finances to get approved for a loan, for example. Whoever guarantees must have a good finances for the lender will control this person as well. Because if the borrowers do not repay the loan as intended, the lender will demand money from those who entered as a guarantor. It is therefore not easy to go in as a guarantor for a loan or something else.


This is a word that is often confused with the guarantor and the like. The creditor is the person or company that lends money.



If you do not have a sufficiently strong finances for a lender, agreeing to lend money to you a solution could be to bring in a Borrower. This person will then undertake to act as collateral for the loan, which means that if you do not repay the debt as planned, the lender can claim money from the creditor instead. It is not common for this form of loan to be extended when time uses a co-applicant for the loan instead. Although not common, there are still opportunities at certain times. The word Mortgage loan is thus one where someone becomes a collateral in the form of a creditor.


If someone wants to borrow money does not have a sufficiently strong economy, this is an opportunity to take in someone who acts as a guarantor of the loan, ie a creditor or guarantor. This means that this person says that they are prepared to act as collateral for the money they borrow. Therefore, if the borrower fails to repay the loan when it is planned, the lender can recover payment from the creditor instead. In the past, there were several guarantors. Now it is often used instead of a co-applicant for the loan. Then you get a stronger economy overall and therefore can often terms that the lenders set up.



This is the legal term for referring a person who is in debt to someone else. So if you borrow money from a lender comes the debtor. Those who lend money are creditors.

02 Dec

APRC – what is it? Why is it worth looking at the APRC – Bank Secrets

Taking a loan is a real challenge. Deciding which loan is best for us is a decision for a few years, so you should consider each pros and cons. The easiest way, of course, is to compare offers from different banks that offer different interest rates.

The APRC is the ideal way to compare a bank’s offers and capabilities, more commonly known as ‘the actual annual interest rate’. The term “low” or “favorable” is not enough, especially if we want to take a loan for several years. That is why a special formula was created, which gives us a specific number that is easy to compare. The formula is complicated, which is why the bank is required to calculate and notify us of a given APRC.

APRC – what is this?


They are often referred to as “low” or “beneficial”, rarely explaining its exact meaning and reason for being. Although we read about it in leaflets, usually in small print, it is worth paying more attention to it. Very often, the APRC differs from the so-called interest rates. It comes from the fact that its final number includes: loan interest plus interest costs. Let us pay attention to this when we consider a given bank service, because it is easy to overlook it in the small footer of the read leaflet.

This means that it includes all other, often hidden costs of the loan, which may include:

  • loan interest rate
  • insurance
  • charges for additional services not included previously
  • the value of money, which most often causes complications in calculations

What’s more interesting – not always lower APRC means cheaper credit. The repayment installments must also be included in the calculation of the APRC’s installments and profitability. The schedule can have a real impact on the final receipt and degree of profitability of the loan.

To understand this exactly, let’s look at it based on an example. We take out a loan of USD 100,000 for a period of 10 years. To make it easier for us to demonstrate it, let’s assume an interest rate of 10% per annum. We ignore all other often hidden costs. In the case of a schedule with decreasing installments (i.e. we pay a larger part first, gradually reducing it) we will pay a total of USD 150,000. In the case of fixed installments (equal monthly), the amount increases to USD 158 thousand.

So what to look at when we compare loans with each other?


Contrary to what most borrowers think – we advise you not to look at nominal interest because it is not reliable and does not show all hidden costs. Instead, pay attention to:

  • installments – i.e. the burden resulting from the commitment
  • on the APRC
  • at the total cost of the loan – which every bank will give us in response to our inquiry. In this category we include: commissions, interest and any additional fees necessary to complete the payment

APRC calculator

Online calculators are currently available to help us calculate the APRC. To get the exact number, we need to know: the amount of credit we want to obtain, the loan period (or the number of installments), nominal interest rate (and therefore most often and preferably by banks), commission for granting a new loan, other costs of the loan (it is best to get information from the bank), installment type (i.e. equal and decreasing installments, which we mentioned above).

For example, a loan for USD 15,000, credited for 12 months, with an interest rate of 4%, without hidden costs and with equal installments, for example, APY will give us over 13% at BGŻ Paribas Bank and over 12% at CITI Handlowy. Calculators of this type are therefore intended to facilitate our decision in choosing a bank, and allow us to carefully analyze additional fees or the final amount to be repaid. In this case, we get clear information that the total repayment amount ultimately exceeds USD 20,000. Calculators also often provide the amount of the installment needed (in this case, an equal installment).

APRC formula – how to calculate this indicator?

APRC formula - how to calculate this indicator?

Calculating the APRC from the formula is extremely complicated and requires a lot of time. Providing the formula is not quite right, because calculating it yourself is extremely rare (mainly due to its complexity and complicated actions). The bank will do it for us. The obligation to inform lies on his side when the loan does not exceed the amount of USD 255 500. If, for some reason, you do not receive such information – remember to ask for it! You have the full right to expect this information. Interestingly, for over 6 years, the APRC formula has been approved and standardized throughout the European Union. This means that in exactly the same way we will calculate the APRC for USD and for another currency.

It is worth noting that the APRC shows the annual rate, so pay attention to compare it with other annual interest rates. So the number of installments is important, not necessarily the number of years we decide to take out a loan. The APRC and the 10-year loan period may differ significantly. It’s easy to make a mistake, because a lower APRC for a shorter period of time does not necessarily mean lower, total costs in a given currency. So we suggest analyzing the total cost of credit.

So what to look at when we want to compare bank offers with a specific loan?


Certainly not at the minimum interest rate, which often hides additional costs. It is best to suggest the number of installments (and their repayment schedule), because it will outline our current burden, as well as the APRC indicator and the total cost of the loan.

Credit for young people – what are the chances for credit for young people? Trade credit – how does it work, what benefits does it give and who can take it?

19 Oct

Private Loan Fixed Rate – Is There?

Private loans have fixed interest rates, but then in the form of quick loans and sms loans. We do not know any major private loans where there is a fixed interest rate. If you know something, you may very well comment on it below. But fast loans and sms loans are a smaller private loan where you often borrow at a fixed fee including interest and fees combined. So you can see exactly how much the loan will cost if you pay it back on time. But there is thus no fixed rate private loan what we know.

We have a great site about Private Loans

We have a great site about Private Loans

If you are considering borrowing money with a private loan, we recommend that you read this article. This is where we collect everything about just a loan with no collateral so you should be able to find the most important thing on the same page and not have to click around for hours. There we gather all the most important things, including assessments and grades on all loans. And then our own review that we at the editorial team have put together and constantly update.

Blank loans are the same, so read that guide too

Blank loans are the same, so read that guide too

If you are going to take out a loan with no collateral then it is good that you know that it is also called private loans and bank loans. So you should compare this type of loan then you should compare all these.

Summary of Private Loan Fixed Rate

Fixed rate private loans are a page where we write about various private loans that offer fixed interest rates. Because not many people offer a fixed interest rate but it is often variable interest and it is also often an individual interest rate where you get an interest rate based on your conditions to repay the loan.

16 Apr

Fast loans online: requirements – Fast personal loans



These are the simple requirements for a quick online loan.

• Minimum of 90 days at work.
• Be a US citizen or permanent resident.
• Older than 18 years-old.
• Minimum monthly income of $ 1,000.
• Have a valid bank account in the name of the applicant.
• Work and home telephone number (or cell phone number).
• valid email

You must provide:

• Your social security number
• Your residence status identification number

Those persons who belong or in the past belonged to the armed forces of the United States can not apply for these loans (according to the law).



Personnel who work in a company

Documentation is not required to verify your employment if you live in: Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, California, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Hawaii, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

You will be asked for copies of the last 2 stubs of your paycheck if you live in New Mexico, Illinois, Minnesota and Wyoming. This is according to the law.


If you work on your own, you must provide documentation to verify income. These documents include:

2 check stubs (most recent).
2 statements of your bank account (the most recent).

People who receive social insurance or desability

If you receive social security or disability you must provide the following documentation to establish the income verification:

– An award letter for verification of benefits from the Social Security Administration. This letter is always sent to the end of the year. There is indicated how much you receive in benefits annually. If you can not find it, you can ask for one.

– 2 statements (most recent) of your bank account where the deposit of your social security check appears.

23 Mar

Immediate loans: online application – Payday loans

If a person needs to obtain an immediate loan, it is likely that they have an emergency that must be addressed quickly. That is the main reason why many individuals resort to immediate loans, day of payment. They prefer to apply online, as they do not have the time to go through the approval process that their bank or other credit institution requires.

But the mentioned thing is not everything, those people who need immediate loans prefer the online modality because they take into account the following advantages:

Privacy. The prestatrios appreciate the fact that the fast loans made through the Web are made completely private. Some people are embarrassed and feel uncomfortable when it comes to things like payday loans and prefer that nobody knows or see them enter a cash advance loan company. People appreciate the privacy that online mode provides.

Convenience The applicant can sit in the chair of his living room, make the request from his computer in the privacy of his own home and get the money he needs urgently in a matter of 24 hours. There is no need to move to a physical entity and waste time making long lines at banks.

Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

The guidelines for receiving approval are minimal. These are:

Have a constant income of at least $ 700.00 per month
Show a verifiable source of income
Have an open bank account that is in good condition
You must be accessible by phone
You must be at least 18 years of age and older and a resident of the USA

The credit is not taken into account.

The credit is not taken into account.

These companies do not really care if you have bad credit. They are not interested in knowing if you have had financial problems in the past, and assume that you are having them in the present. The entities that are interested in knowing are three things:

1- If you are of legal age to sign the contract
2- You have been in your work the amount of time required
3- If you earn enough money to pay your loan obligation

Funds deposited via ACH.

Funds deposited via ACH.

ACH means that they electronically transfer funds directly to your account on the business day after your application has been approved.

For citizens residing in the USA, short-term online personal loans provide immediate cash when they have to pay a bill or handle an emergency before they get to their next paycheck. It is an expeditious way to solve a financial problem that can not be postponed. 

21 Feb

Quick Payday Loan – within 48 hours

If you need a quick financial aid, you will find the right solution for a quick Payday Loan .



As the name implies, there are only a few days between applying for the Payday Loan and paying it out . This is made possible by automated processes and an application via the Internet, eg via an online Payday Loan . In most cases, the applicant receives after just a few students a message, whether the Payday Loan is granted. If the answer is positive, only the documents have to be printed, signed and sent by post to the bank .

Features for a quick Payday Loan

  • Decision on grant will be made within a few minutes
  • If the bank agrees, it will pay out within two to five business days
  • Direct banks usually offer the best conditions for a quick Payday Loan
  • Identification of the borrower takes place via the Postident procedure
  • Quick Payday Loan are usually offered for amounts between 1,000 and 50,000 euros

What is a quick Payday Loan ?

The quick Payday Loan is basically a classic installment Payday Loan . The repayment is made on a monthly basis. Quick Payday Loan are given primarily through online through direct banks . In the meantime, however, some retail banks are also offering quick Payday Loan via the Internet. The Payday Loan are characterized by a very fast payment of the Payday Loan amount . Depending on the bank, this will take 2 to 5 working days. Meanwhile, there are a variety of offers for a quick Payday Loan on the Internet. Therefore, it is advisable to compare interest and conditions with a Payday Loan calculator. It should be noted whether it is a quick Payday Loan for free use or a purpose-based Payday Loan , for example, to finance a car .

Possible applications of quick Payday Loan

A quick Payday Loan offers a very easy way to bridge unforeseen financial bottlenecks. Due to the quick payment of the Payday Loan , urgent bills can still be paid on time, which can avoid collection and collection costs. A quick Payday Loan can also prevent an overdraft of the current account, which usually results in significantly higher costs. But even urgent purchases or short-term leave can be easily financed by a quick Payday Loan .

In a few steps to the quick Payday Loan

Even if the money is needed urgently, Payday Loan seekers should always take the time to make a comparison. For this purpose, simply enter the required Payday Loan amount and the desired term into a Payday Loan calculator. If the decision for a financial house has fallen, just click on the corresponding link. Here it is necessary to complete the application form as detailed as possible. In addition to the personal data, information on the economic conditions still needs to be provided. After submitting the form, the bank carries out a first credit check including a query to the . The applicant will then be notified if the Payday Loan is approved.

In order to accelerate the payment of the quick Payday Loan , the documents should then be printed out immediately and sent to the bank with the required supporting documents. The faster the documents to the bank are present, the faster it will be paid the agreed Payday Loan amount. In addition to the signed Payday Loan agreement, the last three salary statements, bank statements and self-reports are required for a new credit check. Lack of documents, this leads to unnecessary delays in the payment. Runs the final credit check positive, the quick Payday Loan is usually paid the same day.

Is there a quick Payday Loan ?

Consumers with a negative entry are rejected by banks in Germany. Without sufficient creditworthiness, no credit request will be granted. The financial service providers have responded to the increased demand and now also offer a quick Payday Loan . For the Payday Loan , no query is required at the , the credit check is made solely by proof of income.

In order to be able to offer a quick Payday Loan , credit intermediaries work together with foreign banks, such as the Swiss Bank . Prerequisite for the lending is a permanent employment and a sufficiently high income. Like any quick Payday Loan , the -free variant is also requested directly via the Internet. If the requirements are met, the agent usually sends a non-binding offer within 24 hours. The credit agreements then come by post and then have to be sent back only signed. As proof of creditworthiness, the last three salary slips are usually required. Furthermore, the current bank statements are still needed, on which the salary is evident.

Caution is advised when fees or commissions are demanded by the credit intermediary as prepayment. These are dubious offers in most cases. Reputable brokers charge their commission on the payment of the Payday Loan .

Always compare fast Payday Loan

The conditions for a quick Payday Loan can be very different. Consumers with a very good credit rating already receive the Payday Loan for an APR of less than 5 percent. High-income credit seekers are offered quick Payday Loan with credit-based interest rates. Borrowers with an average salary, on the other hand, are cheaper with non-credit-standing Payday Loan . Through a free and non-binding credit comparison can be compared in a few moments a variety of Payday Loan offers. Subsequently, the Payday Loan are clearly listed according to the cheapest interest rate. After the comparison, you can easily apply for the desired Payday Loan over the Internet.

23 Dec

Christmas Promotion – Holiday Loan with a commission of 0%


The Christmas season is for many people the most beautiful time of the year, but also traditionally the time of increased spending. Fortunately, we can deal with them more and more easily thanks to various loans and credits. The more so because now they are often offered on promotional terms. Loan before Christmas – it is only available online, with a commission of 0%.


What does the promotional loan offer?

What does the promotional loan offer?

Holiday Loan is a banking internet loan – it can be used only online, and on promotional terms only once. What is extremely important, it is a fast loan without earnings certificates – it is only requested by the Internet according to the so-called simplified procedure, and the funds can be even on the same day on the bank account.

Here are the most important conditions for the Holiday Loan:

  • loan amount – it can range from 500 to 4600 PLN
  • loan repayment period – from 3 to 24 months
  • commission – 0%
  • interest rate – fixed 7%

Our promotional online loan terms are very beneficial. If you borrow PLN 1000 for a period of 12 months, the cost of our loan will be only PLN 38.24, and you will have to pay PLN 86.52 a month (example from December 20, 2018) – the figures are derived from the online slider available on the website).


Is it worth using the promotion?

Is it worth using the promotion?


Holiday Loan with a 0% commission is certainly an attractive offer that perfectly fits the pre-Christmas cash needs of many Poles.

Its advantages are simple rules and a simplified way of completing formalities – everything takes place remotely via the Internet, and the client does not have to provide certificates of earnings from the employer.

Some will certainly complain about the relatively low maximum loan amount. However, one should look at it from a different angle – the promotion has started before Christmas, so even though borrowed money can be used for any purpose, they are primarily to help us organize holidays, buy presents, etc. The maximum loan amount will certainly be enough in many cases also for short ski trip.

Low loan costs and the possibility of spreading its repayment even for 2 years are another advantages of the offer – it is certainly worth being interested in, if we just need extra cash, and we do not want to tighten the belt after the New Year to pay off the debt.

The promotion lasts until further notice.